About Pure Energy Healing | Sherril Page


A warm welcome to you from Sherril Page.

I offer Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Light Bed Therapy, Holistic Counselling and a Crystal Shop to nurture you on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing. 

My Clinic is conveniently located in The Dymocks Building at 428 George Street in the heart of Sydney City.

I am a professional Energy Healer, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master and Crystal Light Bed Therapist.

I am passionate about the healing work that I do, and care deeply about the well-being of my clients.
I will help you find a spiritual connection and contentment in yourself, your work, and your personal and professional relationships.

I specialise in:

  • Emotional & Mental Health – stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, trauma, grief.
  • Physical Health – chronic and acute pain, chronic illnesses and post surgery recovery.
  • Spiritual Growth – self-development, increased awareness and heightened intuition.
  • Workplace / Family Dynamics – dealing with bullying, narcissistic, psychopathic or challenging behaviour from others.
  • Life Purpose – gaining clarity on your life path, feeling happy, energised, and living an authentic and passionate life.
  • Relationships  – attracting your perfect life partner or living joyfully with your current partner.
  • Career Planning – identifying and obtaining the perfect job or building your own business.

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Modalities offered:

  • Energy Healing works at a very deep level on your physical, emotional. mental and spiritual bodies. These one- on-one energetic healing sessions stimulate your body’s natural healing ability, facilitate spiritual growth, self-awareness and love for yourself and others, and help you get to the deep root of an issue and resolve it.
  • Reiki Healing is a gentle and effective hands-on Japanese healing technique for stress reduction. It also promotes physical, mental and emotional healing.
  • Crystal Light Bed Therapy provides a relaxing, rejuvenating, repairing and rebalancing experience that cleanses and aligns your chakras, the vital energy centres in your body. It lifts your energy vibration, and stimulates and boosts your immune system. Regular sessions will help you feel more vibrant and energised, less stressed, and sleep better.
  • Distant Healing [also known as Remote / Distance Healing]  I connect to you from my Sydney Clinic, and you receive the energetic healing session from the comfort of your own home or other nominated address. Distant Healing can be effectively performed from any distance, whether you are across the city, or in a different country.
  • Crystal Shop offers a stunning selection of Crystals and Crystal Jewellery from around the world.


Clinic Address

Pure Energy Healing
Suite 3A, Level 3, The Dymocks Building, 428 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone  0402 066 023

  • Conveniently located in the heart of the city
  • 10 minute walk from Town Hall, Wynyard or Martin Place Station
  • Easy access to train, bus and light rail networks
  • Wheel chair accessibility

Services Offered

  • Energy Healing, Reiki Healing and Crystal Light Bed Sessions at city clinic
  • Distant Healing Sessions available for isolated, interstate, overseas, and hospitalised clients
  • Packages – Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal Light Bed
  • Crystal Shop: Crystals, Jewellery and More
  • Online Store: Crystals, Jewellery, Books and More available from my eBay store
  • Gift Certificates available from Clinic, and also available from my eBay store


Please book online
or call Sherril Page on 0402 066 023

  • 90 Minute Initial Consultation with Energy Healing $185 [New Clients]
  • 60 Minute Energy Healing $160
  • 60 Minute Reiki Healing $160
  • 60 Minute Distant Healing [ Remote / Distance Healing ] $160
  • Crystal Light Bed Treatments:
    30 Minutes $70 / 60 Minutes $130
  • Rejuvenation Packages, Energy Healing, Reiki Healing and Crystal Light Bed Packages also available
  • Crystal Shop [inside clinic] 30 Minutes FREE

Cancellation Policy
Minimum 24 hours cancellation notice required.

2-for-1 Crystal Light Bed Offer Bring a Guest FREE