Energy Healing

Profound Energy Healing for Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health.

We are spiritual beings who have chosen to experience life in a physical universe. This means that we can choose to be so immersed in life that we can forget who we really are.

If our life is out of balance or if there are deep feelings of being blocked and unable to move forward, our soul alerts us that all is not well with warning signals that may occur at the level of the body or the mind, or both.

In most cases, we interpret these signals as sickness. These signals may range from a general lack of energy, to specific physical, emotional and mental ailments. They are the alarm call that we have lost our connection with the sacred, the source of life and love. There is a direct link between our spiritual origins, our love for ourselves and each other, and our health.

It is the task of Energy Healing to restore and repair this link when it has become weakened or broken. Since everything is energy, Energy Healing does simultaneously affect all levels of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Boosts your body’s immune system and its own self-healing mechanisms
  • Increases vitality and energy
  • Greatly reduces anxiety, tension and stress
  • Affects all levels of the body – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Clears old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Promotes spiritual development
  • Definitely helps to reduce the intensity of pain
  • Helps to improve sleep patterns
  • Assists with the healing of chronic conditions and serious illnesses
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Makes clear-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving easier
  • Improves the quality of life for the terminally ill
  • Can help you manage the symptoms of many other diseases or conditions, such as mental disorders, nervous, circulatory and respiratory disorders

How does it work?

Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that promotes optimal health and wellbeing. During the treatment, the practitioner acts as a clear channel for the absolute force of nature, that is transmitted to you, and you are given guidance in processing that work. The practitioner uses their hands to clear, energise and balance your energy field, and works away from your physical body during the session. The treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing ability, facilitates spiritual growth, self-awareness and love for oneself and others, and gets to the deep root of an issue and clears it out.

What to expect at your session

An Energy Healing session consists of an initial discussion with you; the treatment itself with you laying relaxed, fully clothed, on a comfortable treatment table; followed by a review after the treatment. Healing does not require you to have any specific religious or spiritual beliefs, just an open heart and mind and a willingness to relax and be open to all outcomes. Everyone benefits from this healing in one way or another but as an individual you will respond in your own way.

Energy Healing sessions have a cumulative effect and although some people have a noticeable response after one session, others may need several sessions. Healing is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately: living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness.

Please book online
or call Sherril Page on 0402 066 023.

  • 60 Minute Energy Healing $160
  • 90 Minute Initial Consultation with Energy Healing [New Clients] $185
  • 3-PACK – 3 x 60 Minute Energy Healing $384 [save 20%] – full payment required at first session

Cash and Credit Card payment options available at clinic. Distant Healing Sessions also available.

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