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Photo Submission for Distant Healing with John of God Brazil

Submission Closes Oct 18 2016. Would you like to have a Distant Healing with John of God, the most powerful full trance medium healer on the planet? I will be visiting John of God's Healing Sanctuary in Brazil during Oct/Nov 2016. Whilst there, I can take your Photo in front of John of God in Entity for a Distant Healing, ... Read more


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These Crystal Light Bed Packages will have you feeling calmer, lighter, happier and more energised. Regular sessions will boost your immune system to keep you in peak condition, help you to feel more vibrant, reduce stress levels, and they also promote better sleep. ... Read more


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This Rejuvenation Package will boost your body's energy; clear blocks; reduce stress and help you to sleep better; help to heal broken hearts; accelerate post-surgery recovery; boost the immune system; improve digestion; and alleviate depression, painful arthritis and skin problems. Yes, and more, give it a try. ... Read more